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Fan Engagement

Our Focus on Open Communication

The Club puts fan engagement at the heart of everything we do and we are keen to explore and promote ways of expanding the dialogue with supporters with an aim of working together to drive things forward and to be as transparent and open with communication as possible.


Club Charter: 

To view our Club Charter, please click HERE.


Fan Guides: 

The club have worked hard to continually improve upon our matchday guides to provide the most comprehensive overview possible and ensure that anyone attending The Mem has access to all of the information that they need;

To view our Home Fan guide, please click HERE.

To view our Kids and Families guide, please click HERE.

To view our Away Fan guide, please click HERE


Over recent years we have made a concerted effort to keep supporters up to date with the current developments at the club from those in power.


Open Letters from the Owner:

Club President, Wael Al Qadi regularly communicates with the fanbase by way of open letters, that can be read in full on the Club's Official website.

Below are the links to Wael's most recent Open Letters;

December 24th 2020

November 20th 2020

November 6th 2020

June 19th2020

March 27th 2020

August 20th 2021

January 1st 2022


CEO Updates:

Accompanying the updates from the Club's President, CEO Tom Gorringe provides regular updates via his match-by-match programme notes, to provide clarity and information on recent events within the organisation. He also answers questions from supporters and takes on board points that need discussion, directly through his Twitter account @thgorringe - which can be found HERE.

Some example of these notes can be found below; 

BRFC v Bradford City - 02.04.22

BRFC v Salford City - 15.04.22

BRFC v Scunthorpe United - 07.05.22

BRFC v Oxford United - 13.08.22

BRFC v Plymouth Argyle - 22.10.22

BRFC v MK Dons - 4.2.23


Board Meetings:

In attempts to be more open and transparent with supporters all board meeting minutes and agendas are published. These can be found below;

Board Agenda - Dec 21

Board Minutes - Dec 21

Board Agenda - May 22

Board Minutes - May 22

Board Agenda - Jan 23

Board Minutes - Jan 23


Supporter Directors:

We have two supporters on our board who provide a conduit for supporters to pass on feedback which is discussed with the club and plans for improvements made. Our two supporters on the board are Helen Wigmore and Stephen Lamble. Helen and Stephen act as the bridge between the supporters and the club, to ensure that feedback is passed on and actions agreed to make continual improvements. 

To view information on their appointment, please click HERE

Contact details for Supporters Club Board Representatives are as follows;


Supporters Club Committee Meetings:

These Supporters Club Committee meet regularly and their meeting minutes can be requested HERE.

Following their meetings, senior club officials meet with the chairman and fans directors to discuss feedback and create action plans; this is an ongoing process. 


Share Scheme Agreement:

To view the legal agreement between the Club and Supporters Club, please click HERE


Dialogue with Wider Groups of Representatives:

We regularly meet with external supporters groups such as the LGBTQ+ fans group and Disabled Supporters Association. Through these meetings, surveys, interactions with fan groups, and fans forums, we are able to make fan-lead improvements. 

An example of a meeting with a member of the Disabled Supporters Association can be found HERE


General Dialogue with Supporters:

We have implemented the Gas View Fan Feedback Form, the form itself can be found HERE, and further information on Gas View can be found HERE.  

Gas View provides an opportunity for fans to voice their thoughts on each aspect of the club, which then be used to help aid informed, fan-led decisions and open the conversation on a range of relevant topics.

Furthermore, we send out post match surveys after each fixture; through these post-match surveys and ongoing conversations with the supporters club, we have been able to implement various changes. An example a post-match survey can be found HERE

We have also set up a new feedback mechanism through where fans can send emails live on a matchday and a member of our team will get back to them on their feedback on the next working day. 


Supporter Liaison Officer - SLO: 

Pete Weymouth is the club SLO and provides supporters with vital updates through his own twittter channel. To view Pete's Twitter, please click HERE

Please see below for some examples of Pete's Tweets;

Rochdale Ticket Update

Away Coach Travel Update

Salford and FGR Ticket Update

Tranmere Away Reccomendations for Food and Drink

Scunthorpe Matchday Information

Pete and his team are also accessible via email and over the phone. 


As well as providing information, Pete also goes out of his way to create lasting experiences for supporters. 

Please see below some examples; 

Example One

Example Two

Example Three

Example Four

Example Five


Furthermore, we also provide important updates to supporters via Email. From here, our Marketing Executive - Ethan Clarke - will respond to any queries that follow to provide clarification for supporters. 

To see an example of one of these emails, please click HERE



Through our fans forums, Supporters Club Director's, meetings with other supporters groups and general fan feedback, we have taken on board the following items and actioned them to improve the experience for supporters;


Ticket Exchange:

Based on feedback from Season Ticket holders, we have implemented our Ticket Exchange, which can be found HERE.

The Ticket Exchange reassures ST holders that they will get value for their money, as if they cannot make it to a specific fixture, they can sell on their ticket instead of loosing the value of this fixture. 


Kids Activity Pack:

Regarding a fans insight into their matchday experience, we got the following feedback"Our day was amazing and the kids loved the inflatabale goal... But we spent some time in the bar it would be nice if there was more for them in there."

We have since created a Kid's Activity Pack, which can be found HERE

These packs are then given out for free to fans on a matchday from our club shop, providing children with more entertainment pre and post match.


DSA Meeting - ALT Text:

One of the key takeaways from our meeting with a visually impaired member of the DSA, was that were not using ALT text. This would have caused a massive issue for all visually impaired fans using screen-readers. However, we quickly fixed this issue and ensure all our pictures/graphics have ALT Text. As well as implementing ALT Text, this we are also working on improving things that were raised within this meeting. 


Away Fan Bar:

After liaising with various away supporters, it was raised that they would like an away fan bar. Therefore, we implemented an away fan bar so that away fans could have a better experience at the stadium, rather than having to leave and walk to external pubs/bars. 

To view our away bar, please click HERE.


Fan Zone:

Communication with fans brought forth how a Fan Zone would be vital improvement; we took this feedback on board and over the past couple of seasons we have been continually been upgrading it. 


Tarmac Improvements:

We have used fan feedback to improve our disabled supporters accessibility. For example, the need for better accessibility through the fanzone was raised, as the tarmac was damaged and hard to navigate. We then replaced all tarmac to improve your experiences. 


Jerk King:

Fan feedback enlightened us as to how fans desire a wider range of food in the Fan Zone. Since then, we have brought in a Jerk King stall, which has enhanced our food offering and been a hit with fans.

Some examples of Jerk King's meals can be found HERE and HERE


Inflatable goal: 

Having communicated with family supporters, it became clear that more activities for children were needed. We have then since added our inflatable goal, as well as other activities like face painting. 

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