An Open Letter from Hussain Alsaeed

Club Chairman Hussain Alsaeed has written an open letter to the Gasheads.

Dear Gasheads,

It is with great enthusiasm that I address you today, six months after taking control of our beloved club. During this past period, the board has been dedicated to laying the foundation for an ambitious journey. I am excited to share our vision for the next three years, focusing on three pivotal areas: the first team, the Memorial Stadium, and our training ground, The Quarters.

Building a Competitive First Team:

This past December, we appointed Matt Taylor as our manager, fully confident in his abilities to transform our squad into a formidable force within the league. His vision and leadership perfectly align with our ambitious goal: promotion to the Championship within the next three years.

We are committed to providing Matt with full backing and the resources needed to make this vision a reality. This summer, during the transfer window, we will work closely with him to acquire talented players who share his ambition and are eager to contribute to the success of Bristol Rovers. We have already made strategic additions like Kamil Conteh, and further reinforcements are planned that will bolster the squad in key areas. While Aaron Collins' departure was mutually agreed upon – both he and the club felt it was the right time to move on – we extend our sincere gratitude for his contributions and wish him all the best. We’ve also bolstered the management team with experienced figures like Jamie McAllister, Kevin Bond, and Wayne Carlisle, further propelling our aspirations. Additionally, we are deeply invested in nurturing home grown talent, as evidenced by Jed Ward's remarkable rise.

Transforming the Memorial Stadium:

Upon taking the helm, we quickly discovered that the developer involved in the previous stadium development plans at the fruit market site chose not to proceed further with the project. While acknowledging this initial setback, we swiftly shifted our focus towards revitalising the heart and soul of our club: the Memorial Stadium. The opening of the South Stand has demonstrably enhanced the match day atmosphere, serving as a mere glimpse of what is to come. Our ambitious vision is to expand the stadium's capacity to 16,000, creating a vibrant and intimidating fortress that will resonate with your unwavering support for our first team. We will keep you informed of our progress as we navigate the planning and approval process with the city council. We will share our designs and plans once we have obtained all the necessary approvals.

Investing in The Quarters:

Our vision for The Quarters extends far beyond its function as a training ground. We envision it as a state-of-the-art facility that will serve as a home for both our first-team and academy. This development embodies our culture of excellence and ambition, providing a clear pathway for academy players to transition to the first team. The Quarters will boast additional top quality pitches and an indoor pitch, specifically designed to optimise training for both the first team and academy. Additionally, the fully-equipped building will house all the resources necessary for player development. This will include gym facilities, nutrition and rehabilitation to ensure holistic support for all of our teams. Furthermore, we have also included a residential element to ensure the site is commercial viable for the club. As we obtain approvals from the City Council and local residents we will also share our plans and designs for the Quarters.

Together, We Rise:

The future holds immense promise, and we are not embarking on this journey alone. Your unwavering support, passion, and loyalty fuel our collective aspirations. We will soon be in a position to announce the release of season tickets. We understand the economic challenges everyone faces, and despite inflationary pressures, we have ensured minimal price increases.

We still have a number of important fixtures this season, Wael and I are looking forward to joining you all at the Mem and on the road to get behind the team.

Thank you for all of your support.



Hussain Alsaeed, Chairman

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