02.03.23 Zero Tolerance

During the match with Burton Albion on Saturday, the club was disappointed to discover further instances of supporters purchasing incorrect price classes of both match and Season Tickets.

The club will now be operating a zero-tolerance policy on this and will be carrying out additional ticket checks on matchdays. Anyone found to be abusing the system will be banned from attending games indefinitely.

We have also had instances of supporters sharing their e-ticket with multiple people after it has been validated. These people have been identified and will be contacted by the club and will be issued a ban from attending games indefinitely.

For clarity, the club would like to remind supporters of the following ticketing policy elements:

  • Tickets are NOT transferable. Season Tickets can only be reallocated via the official ticket exchange via Ticketmaster https://www.eticketing.co.uk/bristolrovers
  • Tickets can only be used once at the turnstiles. When the ticket has been validated it will not be eligible for entry again.
  • Tickets must be purchased for the correct price class.

Failure to adhere to the club ticketing policy can result in an indefinite ban from The Memorial Stadium.

In addition, we would like to take the opportunity to remind supporters of their conduct on a matchday as we had a minority of supporters in the North Terrace ejected for disorder in particular pushing.

As a club, we have a priority to maintain the terms of our safety certificate and ensure the safety of all supporters. Pushing endangers other supporters and runs the risk of the club facing further sanctions, which could result in a reduced capacity. With that in mind, pushing of any kind will not be tolerated and a robust stance will be taken against those found to be doing this.

CEO Tom Gorringe said: "It is disappointing to learn that a small minority of supporters are intent on attending fixtures without adhering to our ticketing policy and ground guidelines.

"As stated previously, all revenue that we generate directly contributes to our first team budget and our ability to compete on the pitch. Those that choose to hurt the club in this way not only play their part in making us less competitive but also disrespect the vast majority of honest supporters that spend their hard-earned money to support the club.

"In addition, pushing on the terraces can lead to club sanctions, which will ultimately mean that less supporters are able to attend games. The club will now be directing efforts into increased ticket checking and stewarding within the North Terrace with any supporter found abusing the stadium polices will be subject to sanction."

The club's stewarding team will be carrying out enhanced ticket spot-checks for the remainder of the season, with turnstiles remaining open longer to accommodate late arrivals. Any tickets that turn 'red' will be referred to the Ticket Office.



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