19.01.23 Gashead Niamh to cut hair in support of Nick Anderton

Niamh to cut 16 inches of hair for Nick Anderton and Little Princess Trust.

For a couple of years now, inspired by some of her school friends, Niamh has considered having her hair cut and donating it to the Little Princess Trust.
Niamh, 9, is a huge Rovers fan and felt that now is the right time to do something to help both Nick and his young family as well as The Little Princess Trust. Seeing the team and staff shave their heads in solidarity for Nick, Niamh wanted to get involved. While Niamh isn’t going as far as shaving her head she is having 16 inches of her hair cut off! 
Niamh's mother, Hayley Wallace said:
"Niamh already wanted to donate some of her hair to The Little Princess Trust so when she heard that the first-team players were going to shave their hair in support of Nick she was eager to get involved. She decided she was going to cut 16 inches of her hair, which she has been growing all her life.
Niamh competes in Irish dancing and is required to wear her hair in a bun when competing, so by cutting 16 inches she is still able to do this. Niamh’s hair has always been her pride and joy and it has taken a lot for her to make this decision. I know times are extremely tough but if you can spare even £1 I know it will help two amazing causes and it would be hugely appreciated!"
To donate to Nick Anderton, please click HERE. All funds received will go to Nick - who wears squad number 16 for Rovers - and his young family.
For more information about The Little Princess Trust, please click HERE.
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