30.09.22 Bristol Rovers support Play Safe Campaign

The EFL Play Safe Campaign is raising awareness of safeguarding provision across football this weekend, as well as focusing on a particular activation around safeguarding.

Managers will be wearing dedicated pin-badges while captains will wear special armbands to raise awareness for the campaign.

The key messages of this year’s Play Safe campaign are to highlight the vital role parents and carers play in football and to direct audiences to the FA’s safeguarding course, developed specifically for parents and guardians.

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Bristol Rovers' Head of Safeguarding Louise Smith said: "At Bristol Rovers Football Club, we believe football should be enjoyed by everyone. We continue our journey to build strong relations with all sectors of the community and to positively improve access to football as a healthy, safe experience and rewarding experience for participants.

"We actively take all safeguarding concerns seriously and aim to provide a safe environment for children, young people and adults who may be at risk."

Access to the FA’s Safeguarding Course can be accessed by clicking here

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