08092022 Club Re-Brand Consultation

As Bristol Rovers approaches its 140th anniversary, it provides the perfect opportunity for a period of reflection as we celebrate our history but also look to the future.

Over the past few years, we have attempted to make improvements across all areas of the club to modernise, professionalise and, ultimately, drive the club forward.

The current crest is also celebrating its own milestone, as it has been in use for 25 years. 

Lots has changed over that 25-year period, not only for the club, but also in wider society and now feels like the right time to work with you - the supporters - to review this and see if we can make any improvements or changes to better represent the club. 

We would, therefore, like to start a consultation process to gain some initial feedback on the current badge and gather possible new ideas as to how we represent ourselves as a club moving forward. 

As part of this process, we are very shortly going to be getting in touch with fans to invite you to take part in a survey and share your views. Once we have collated initial opinions, we may then create a small focus group to discuss ideas and concepts further. 

Working together, we can redefine what the future of our club looks like.

Read Time: 2 mins