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Rovers Partner With Talk Club for FA Cup 2nd Round Clash

“Talk more” is a phrase we hear a lot being directed at men which, on one hand, is great for awareness, but we need action. That is why Talk Club was set-up after one of the founders, Ben Akers, lost his childhood best friend to suicide. 

We are extremely proud to say that Rovers have our very own Talk Club that runs every Thursday night, 7-9pm in the Thatchers Bar. In fact, we have been running weekly face-to-face sessions for over a year. 

Talk Club sessions are like a gym for the mind, you come on a Thursday, work through what’s going on for you and leave feeling mentally fitter. 

It's all based on How are you? Out of 10? It's a question that gets men talking - and it works. 

Head of Sales at Bristol Rovers, David Bright, said: "We are so pleased to be able to use an occasion like the FA Cup to share the stage with the team from Talk Club. 

"This competition has thrown up so many surprises and great moments over the years - being the giant killer in an underdog tie can make you feel ecstatic, but losing a tie that you think you should win can change your mood in a matter of 90 minutes.
"What the team at Talk Club is doing to change the perception around men talking about their feelings and emotions, and how they’ve used ‘captains’ and other football analogies to do this, is great to see. 
"We’ve been pleased to be a safe space for these conversations to take place on a weekly basis since its inception, and we look forward to growing the work we do as a club to help everyone struggling with their mental fitness. 

So why not give a session a go? Join us on to find out more, or simply rock up at the Thatchers Bar on a Thursday night at 7pm. You will be warmly welcomed by club captains Jack, Tom, Zac & Gary. 

Please note, sessions are for men and over-18s only. 

So, how are you? Out of 10?


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