10.02.22 Too Good To Go Partnership

Bristol Rovers are delighted to announce a partnership with Too Good To Go to reduce surplus food on matchdays!

Changing the food waste landscape, Too Good To Go lets people buy surplus food and drink from hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, pubs, producers - and now football clubs! - to stop it from going to waste. 


Consumers can simply download the free Too Good To Go app and search for nearby businesses with unsold produce; they then purchase a ‘Magic Bag’, collect it at an allotted time and enjoy it. 

Adam Tutton, Bristol Rovers Community Trust CEO, said: “The Community Trust are delighted that Bristol Rovers have formed this innovative partnership with Too Good To Go. Having previously distributed surplus food through our links with the Wild Goose Cafe and local homeless shelters, this partnership will further enable our football club to reduce food waste as we move towards the EFL ‘Green Club’ accreditation.” 

Rovers are proud to partner with Too Good To Go on matchdays at The Memorial Stadium. Magic Bags will contain a variety of delicious surplus food from the club’s food kiosks and will be available for collection from the club on matchdays, starting this Saturday at the Mansfield Town game, 12th February 2022. The Magic Bags will cost £4.09 each, but contain a selection of food items, such as hotdogs, pasties or sausage rolls, worth £12.

Low Res JPG-210624_TGTG_Shot_101_Bag_0003.png

The Club’s General Catering Manager, Iain Paterson, said: "As a club, we are working hard all the time to improve the ordering of food for matchdays and non-matchday events taking place at the stadium. 

"Unfortunately, there isn’t a formula for calculating how much food we will sell in the kiosks on matchdays; some matches we can run out, others we can have 100-plus items left. Partnering with Too Good To Go helps the club to achieve its goal of zero waste, as well as giving us the comfort blanket of ensuring we don’t run out for our fans. 

"By working with TGTG, we can ensure that kiosks are sufficiently stocked, as we know we can cover costs and avoid wasting food after the match, so it's a 'win' for everyone."


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