04.02.22 Matchday 50/50 'Superdraws' Announced

'Superdraw' prizes for unclaimed 50/50 winners!

There have been a few unclaimed 50/50 prizes this season and following an appeal, some still remain. As there seems little chance of these now being claimed it has been decided to hold two 'Superdraws' where the unclaimed prizes will be used to boost the first prize.

The winning prizes at the Exeter City game on February 26th and at the Salford City game on April 15th will be boosted by £500 and £648.50 respectively making these very attractive prizes.

All profits from the 50/50 draw go towards funding our Academy and tickets are on sale from various points around the stadium on a matchday from our loyal band of sellers, who will all be happy to sell you a programme too.

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