31082022 Captain Gas Mascot Race

Our mascot, Captain Gas, recently took part in the big Sports Mascot race at Epsom.

Here is how the day went - from the mouth of the Captain himself!

Ahoy there, Gasheads!

On Bank Holiday Monday, I was invited to attend the Epsom Down Mascot Race at Epsom Racecourse. The race was organised to raise awareness for The Children's Trust, Tadworth and I felt it important that our club answered the call. 

I arrived early by carriage, and quickly met up with Haydon the Womble of AFC Wimbledon, who was managing the event. I also spent some time talking with Jenny the Giraffe, who some of you may remember from Sutton United, and had a brief chat with some of the other mascots such as Crystal Palace's eagles - Pete & Alice, Ash the Tree from Ashford United, and Victor Magpie from Chorley FC. 


The invitation was open to all mascots, not just those representing football clubs, so there were also runners from rugby clubs, and even the Police, and more than 25 attended in total. Although I didn't see any robins there... I guess they were too busy with Premiership party plans 😉. 

Shortly before 13:00 we were guided down to the parade ring so everyone could get a look at us and take photos before heading out to the racecourse proper.

The staff did an excellent job of herding us into position, and those in more traditional footwear were placed three metres behind the rest of us (some may say it should be a hundred metres to compensate!)

We were racing in front of the Grandstand for 150 metres and, for those in the know, the going was good.


Now, despite my best efforts... being born in 1883 meant that I wasn't quite as spritely as some (most!) of the other mascots, and the first place was taken by a very quick-moving monkey... H'Angus the Monkey in fact, all the way from Hartlepool. Congratulations, H'Angus!

After a considerable breather (and then another), we all grouped in the winner's enclosure for the awards, which were given to H'Angus for his first place win, and Nut & Bolt, the second entrant from Ashford United, who came in a respectable last. 

All in all, a very enjoyable day at the races. I have been invited back to run again in 2023, and it would be nice to have some fellow pirates cheering me on. I wonder if Wael could arrange for a supporters’ coach to be available? 😁

Up the Gas!

Captain Gas  

*Pictures by Kirk Pritchard.

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