Club Statement on Abuse 20042022

The club has been disappointed to learn of more incidents of abusive and threatening behaviour on social media directed at members of our staff.

We have a zero-tolerance approach to discriminatory and inflammatory messaging on any of our social media platforms and will be enforcing bans for those found responsible.

We would urge any genuine supporter of the club to think of the consequences of their actions before pressing the ‘send’ button on a post.

We are also aware of adult supporters knowingly defrauding the club by purchasing child tickets and, again, appropriate action will be taken to prevent this from happening and there will be additional checks at future games.

Anyone found to have acted in this manner will not be permitted to attend until they have paid the difference between the tickets purchased and their correct age bracket.

CEO Tom Gorringe said: “There is absolutely no place for any abusive or discriminatory behaviour to targeted at any members of staff or fellow supporters. We are striving to be a successful, forward-thinking club that has open and transparent communication with supporters via a variety of means and channels. However, having staff accessible isn’t a license for them to receive personal abuse and certainly when they are just fulfilling their roles in a professional manner.  

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we are more than happy for decisions that are made to be questioned and feedback given; however, there is not a scenario where it is acceptable to abuse and personally target staff members doing their best for the club. I cannot stand by whilst hardworking members of staff are targeted for abuse, in person or online. Any supporter acting in this way will be dealt with in the strongest possible terms and may be prevented from attending games indefinitely.

"Those purchasing tickets in the wrong age bracket are defrauding the club and their actions not only hold the club back in our attempt to progress, but they also stand in the face of the supporters paying their hard-earned money to support the club week in week out.

"Despite these issues, we know that the vast majority of fans are loyal, respectful of each other and our staff and want to play their part in making this club successful. The very small numbers of people that are acting these ways do not represent you or the club and we will ensure that they are dealt with.

"Respect each other. Create an environment that we can all be proud of and get behind the team. We need to be a team off the pitch, as well as on it.

"I would like to thank all of our staff, who continue to work tirelessly to drive standards and help our club reach its potential."

Any supporters wishing to make any complaints regarding your matchday experience or general club-related matters, should be aware of the Club Charter. All contact details can be found on our club website and all feedback will be taken seriously to ensure that we continue to improve the club.

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