George Hunt Extends Stay with Bristol Rovers Women

George Hunt stood infront of The Quarters.

George Hunt Extends Stay with Bristol Rovers Women

We are happy to announce that George Hunt, goalkeeper for Bristol Rovers Women, has extended her stay at the club. 

"Bristol Rovers has always felt like home to me. My family were Rovers fans growing up, so being able to spend as much time at the club has been great!" Hunt remarked.

"The support and opportunities that have been given by the recent restructuring of the men’s team were a massive factor for me. Not many clubs will offer as much support to the players on and off the pitch, and I am excited to see everything we have access to."

Hunt is enthusiastic about her evolving role within the team. "My role with the team this year is to bring positivity and energy. I’m a very energetic person, and I’m hoping to keep things upbeat and supportive so we can all come together for the best results," she stated confidently.

George Hunt holding a Scarf on a football pitch.

Regarding her ambitions, Hunt has both personal and team goals firmly in sight. "Personally, my goal is to push as far as we can this season, and that is a team goal as well. We are new to the league and are excited to see how far we can go," she emphasized.

Reflecting on her time at the club, Hunt shared a particularly impactful memory. "One of the most memorable experiences for me was playing at the memorial ground at the end of last season. It wasn’t an easy game, and we had to rise to the occasion of a bigger crowd.” 

“Being able to perform well as an individual and as a team on a bigger stage gives me so much confidence going into next season when all of our home games will be at the memorial ground. Also, being able to lift a trophy in front of fans, family, and friends was an amazing feeling."

As a more experienced member of the squad, Hunt is eager to mentor younger players. "I think that the newer players should come in with confidence. They all have something to offer, and I would only like to support them fully and hopefully be someone they can rely on, on and off the pitch.”

“If we can support each other in any circumstances, then I have no doubt we will do very well."

George Hunt signing a contract.

Manager Nathan Hallett-Young was extremely pleased with Hunt's extension. "George has quite clearly been one of, if not the best keepers we’ve had at the club. 

“She’s capable of playing such a high level of football, and we’re really excited to have her at the back this season.

“We know we’ll be going into next year with a really strong foundation at the back. It’s almost impossible to beat her in certain situations and for us, it's such a confidence boost for the rest of our defence."

Hallett-Young also praised Hunt's leadership and accountability. "George is very vocal in the camp - when things aren't going right, she’ll be really clear on what needs to be better. If she’s not doing well herself, she’ll hold her hands up and want to move on and improve. 

“She only played under half the rest of last season and she gained the golden glove, which truly shows her skill and the level of quality she possesses."

He fondly recalled a standout moment, highlighting her exceptional talent. "It’s going to have to be a worldie to beat her, and even then she’s not satisfied. Her front-facing header save at the Mem against Liskeard last season really pinpoints her desire."

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