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Bristol Rovers Community Trust Support Bristol Together Championships

14 June 2017

Last week, Bristol Rovers Community Trust were proud to help support the final stage of the Bristol Together Championship 2017.

The Bristol Together Championships (BTC) is about cross boundaries and using the universal language of football to help community cohesion by getting boys and girls crossing the race, class, geographical and faith boundaries that characterise life in the city.

This happens by twinning primary schools with different make ups, they then have four training sessions together in the lead up to a one-day tournament.

BTC is an exciting annual project, this year during the city’s year as European City of Sport which Bristol Rovers Community Trust have been key partners in delivering training sessions and Friday's festival.

This project is more than about just football skills & physical activity, but also about developing the life skills the children will need to build teams across diversity.

Children from 30 different schools and 160 children came together for Friday's events.

Bristol Rovers are proud to be heavily involved in this project. It is a great way to get people from different communities to work together. Football is a fantastic vehicle to cross boundaries between people from all sorts of backgrounds.

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