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Contact Created for Reporting All Behaviour at Bristol Rovers Fixtures

15 August 2017

Following yesterday’s article on our website regarding racist abuse at Charlton and at The Mem, we are really grateful for the large number of supportive comments that we have received for our positive approach.

There appears to be an appetite for fans to stand up to such behaviour.

If genuine fans wish to report such matters then the Club urges them to contact as it goes directly to the safety and security team to act upon.

One huge positive was the post, on Facebook last night, from Paul Raj who posted a photo of his family (reproduced here with Paul’s permission) who had this to say; “My mixed race, Muslim kids with their friends.

“We have, luckily, never heard any racist comments whilst watching The Gas over the last few years and I hope we never do.

“We are far better than that, Gas. Let’s get this stamped out before we lose supporters and/or points.”

It was a pleasure to talk to Paul this morning and to learn that he and his three boys are passionate Gasheads and have been for a number of years now.

Whilst it’s good that something positive has come out of these, hopefully, isolated, incidents we ask that all supporters remain vigilant.

We cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to abuse of any sort, be it racist, homophobic or sexist.

Offenders need to know that they are not wanted at our football club and that they will be reported if found to be guilty of making any abusive remarks, and will suffer the consequences.

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