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9 September 2015

Assistant Manager Marcus Stewart, speaking after last night’s Gloucestershire Challenge Cup tie against Cirencester Town, praised the contributions of first team players Christian Montano and Billy Bodin.

Playing in a young Bristol Rovers side, both players scored two goals in a 5-2 win and made significant contributions to the victory.

“It was a good performance,” said Marcus, “and I was really pleased for Christian and Billy. They have been in and out of the first team so far this season and it would have been difficult for them to come into a game like this and play alongside youth team players and first team professionals.

“Some players are not always happy to play in games such as this, as I have seen during my time back at the club, but not these two, who showed a great attitude. Christian and Billy did things in the right way and added something to the team. By that I mean they led by example and showed the younger lads how to be proper professionals.

“As I’ve already said, I’ve not always seen that attitude from senior pros in my time but those two came in tonight and showed all those around them that it’s not just about ability, it’s also about attitude and how you apply yourself.

“You need to be motivated to play in any game you can and want to win every game and be the best in every training session and it was great for the younger lads out there tonight to see that from the two senior players in the side.

“It’s important that we try to teach the younger lads the right values and the right way of thinking,  but sometimes it’s out of our hands and the responsibility lies with the older pros. I thought that, as well as their goals, Christian and Billy showed enthusiasm and motivation in abundance and I was as pleased with that as I was with everything else I saw out there tonight.

“When you have players in your side with that type of attitude it rubs off on the younger players and creates a positive culture, something we have in abundance around the place at the moment. The younger players will have taken note of how Christian and Billy played tonight and will have learned that there is a correct way of doing things.

“Once I have said my piece and they go out on to the pitch things are, to a certain extent, out of my hands and so it’s important that the older pros coming into games such as this show the younger lads the way forward. That was the case tonight and I was delighted with a hard working and enthusiastic performance.”

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