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21 January 2015

By Marc Radford

Before the launch of our 2nd cohort of Fans4Life in January 2015 we are letting you know about the project from the viewpoint of one of our attendees, Marc Radford.

This week we focus on Weeks 6-10 in the words of one of last years regular attendees.

During week 6, the talk focussed on the effects of alcohol. Good examples were given of how calorific wine and beer are. It gave some alarming results which made the whole group consider their drinking habits. Plenty of good advice was afforded about adding mixers lemonade and tonic to wine and beer to reduce alcohol content. Chance of diabetes stressed and illness may result from too much drinking.

Week 7 really hit home hard. The simple way that the session was presented show quite simply how fundamental it is to look after the heart that we are given. The ways of recognising and coping in the first instance with a stroke and spotting it in others quite simply provoked a reaction in me that I am certain was replicated around the room; I didn’t and don’t want myself to be one of these casualties later on in life. 

Week 8 was “the GP Session”. It was an informative group session with questions to the visiting GP who advised about his presence at Rovers home games. Emphasis on why is it males visit their GP less often than females. Men need to go early to stop many illnesses before they really get untreatable. Various websites suggested to go and check health info which was useful.

Week 9 was like a “tying-up” session. All the sessions before were linked in that they treated the physical side of a healthier lifestyle. Gary McLean’s session really focused on the MENTAL side of things. How Mental Health issues hit 1 in 4 people, so that’s at least 1,500 in an average Rovers crowd. The mnemonic SIGECAPS outlined what to look out for.

Do YOU want to know what SIGECAPS stands for!? There was a tinge of sadness after this week as our sessions with Mark Hammond came to an end. He is quite brilliant at relating his stretches and simple exercises to the why? and the what for? 

As a group we were delighted to learn that for a small charge we could continue this hour’s work for a small fee in 2015 with the new Fans 4 Lifers, so hope to see you there.

Week 10 was our programme’s conclusion. Our club captain along with Danny Greenslade came along to present us with our certificates of achievement. WE had a brief Q and A with them, finding out that we had come some way along our own journey during this past ten weeks: we were getting more “body smart” like these pros! Height, weight, blood pressure and cholesterol were taken by a medical team again. Positive conversations were aplenty. There were realisations around the room that the changes we had already chosen to make were affecting our lifestyles. Beyond the figures of blood pressure and cholesterol were the questionnaires concerning vitality, food portion sizing, satisfaction of life and well being.

If you are reading this and thinking YOU or a fellow Gashead YOU KNOW could benefit  from this programme, it’s my bet that undoubtedly that you can! Come along and find out before the Welling game at our stall in the Supporter’s.

If you would like to be part of Fans4Life and perhaps add six seasons to your life, contact or visit

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