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19 March 2014

Second instalment of our club secretary's cycling blog...

Hello “cycling blog” readers……

Having just returned from a ‘Winter Training Trip’ to the beautiful country of Italy I thought it would be opportune to appraise you all of the type of serious preparation programme that had been planned for the visit.

Obviously the idea was to get in some increasingly serious miles on the bike through the Tuscan hills, much favoured by the Italian Professional racers, and to try and interpret instructions from personal trainers who only speak in a foreign language but whose intentions are admirable.

So far so good….

However, having landed in Venice it quickly became apparent that all was not going to plan! The initial problem was fairly basic…..No Roads.....only narrow walkways with dangerously deep canals on either side and no protective rails to ward off potential drowning issues.

The second slight inconvenience was that bicycles are banned.

This effectively made redundant my blue and white lycra “go faster” clothing, aerodynamically tested space age helmet and a bike lock.

Emerging from my hotel on that first evening it became apparent that I was going to have to do this workout on foot.

Ever resourceful a little research suggested that ‘La Rivetta’ was a delightful bar with all the facilities a determined athlete in the making could ever need. The clincher was that it was a good 15 minutes walk away - a fact which kept the inner conscience quiet as it would clearly take an effort worthy of an aspiring ‘Wiggins'.

And so the long term plan was hatched. Each day would be spent resting up in readiness for the evening's arduous workouts.

But don’t get the wrong idea here because I did recognise that in order to make effectively scheduled and carefully monitored progress each bar would need to be a little further away than the last.

And so each day passed in a gentle blur as my stamina and determination increased with each fresh bowl of pasta and glass of vino rosso!

I have now returned fully refreshed. My tires have been blown up, gears checked, brakes tested and a 22 mile route out to the fair city of Bath and its surrounding hills is fully programmed into the bike computer for tomorrow…….Ouch!

More news on that adventure next time, assuming I don’t find some nice cafes en route.

Anyway please keep sponsoring if you can. Prostate Cancer research is vital if we are to beat this thing.


You can sponsor Rod by visiting his JustGiving page.

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