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12 June 2014

Our club secretary tells of his experiences on the road

Day two is has to be conceded was beautiful. Another early start but the 30 mile journey through the dunes on purpose built cycle tracks was wondrous. The Dutch are bonded to their bikes at birth and is truly shows.

The bike is king. You have the right of way on all roundabouts and special traffic lights at junctions allow you to go first.

The lunch stop was delightful in De Nachtegaal and then the final phase an equally lovely ride along the canals right through to the Ajax Stadium in Amsterdam.

The Dutch were on holiday and the really friendly encouraging reception we got from the locals as we past by was inspiring and very welcome. Even in such a large city bike riding is a pleasure. 

As a country we may pick up some good cycling ideas from them but basically it’s in their genes and culture and that is something we can never replicate.

Neither is a Saturday night out in the centre of Amsterdam! 

Suffice to say that in comparison to the above the journey home on Sunday was totally uneventful!

Eventful..Yes.. Exciting ..Yes…Memorable ..Yes…Sore rear…Yes…Would I do it again…Yes…!!!!!

And the bottom line is Prostate Cancer are the real winners. Bristol Rovers' final figure will be around £4000 and the overall total from all riders around £160000, a brilliant effort from you all and a thousand thanks to everyone who donated.

I believe that donations will still be accepted up to September, so if you know someone who would like to give please give them the details: www.justgivinguk/rodwesson

Anyway... I have loved writing these blogs and I hope you have enjoyed reading them Who knows, I may be back soon!

Rod Wiggins Wesson.

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