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24 April 2014

The seventh edition of our club secretary's blog

“Success by the inch is a cinch, but by the yard is hard”……( Unknown).

Now this is one of a few little mantra’s that I use when working with Princes Trust groups who are trying to get their lives in some sort of order and plan positively for the future.

The basic premise is simple enough and applicable to all sorts of situations - some sporting, some not. In respect of the ‘Ride’ to Amsterdam I can report that so far this basic philosophy seems to be having the desired effect.

Having started off a few weeks ago with a gentle trip into work and back, and huffed and puffed both up and down the infamous Muller Road incline (which I thought back then would cause professional riders problems) gradual increases have been introduced and achieved all culminating in yesterdays 58 miles journey out to Bath and beyond.

The distance was one element that it was good to get in but the other crucial one was “ actual time on the bike”… which yesterday came to five and a half hours. 

I am both reliably and encouragingly told that all this is very good and on track for where we should be with six weeks to go to launch day. Somewhat surprisingly things don’t feel too bad the day after, but maybe that’s all going to kick in tomorrow.

The main reason in setting off early yesterday morning was that by doing so I was out on the road before my brain worked out exactly what I was doing which meant that all those ‘gremlins’ that try and persuade you that this is not a good idea were doomed early.

Perhaps also worth throwing in at this point is that the Hope & Anchor Inn at Midford is an excellent hostelry for a quick stop off and re-coup, as are the facilities at Bitton Station where the staff are brilliant at recognising the needs of a fellow human whose sweat is flowing and legs moving in opposite directions.

I met a chap there who admired what I was doing but admitted that he believed that running late was his exercise and was firmly convinced that simply being a part of the Human Race also counted as his daily contribution to a fitness campaign.

All of which leads me nicely to the fact that there are also some crackin’ cyclists with a heart on the road as well. This said because last weekend one of my colleagues - who will remain anonymous at her insistent request - clearly inspired by this Amsterdam Challenge actually took to the cycle path but regrettably came across a jogger going the other way.

She had to take action to avoid a collision with the unfortunate result that injuries and blood became evident.

However, like an ancient knight on a white steed another cyclist appeared on the unfortunate scene and whipped out of his bag ointments/antiseptic wipes, soothing oils and bandages to calm Kirsty’s damaged brow…and chin…and elbow..and fingers and pride….prior to serious hospital staff getting to work to re-build her.

Which is fantastic so ‘All Hail the Hero’….equally fantastic is the news that the stitches came out yesterday and the healing process is well under way, so it shouldn’t be too long before our own version of Laura Trott takes to the road again.

Incidentally with all this long distance survival stuff entering the vocabulary proper nutrition ‘en-route’ begins to play its part and so to that end much reading matter is being consumed in respect of which energy gel, which electrolyte drink and which sausage sandwich to have and when.

During this research I discovered the ultimate definition of Calories: ( noun )…seems that they are tiny creatures that live in your wardrobe and sew your clothes a little bit tighter every night!!

And so…..onward and further……and don’t forget: if you can help with the cause.
Many thanks.

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