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10 April 2014

The fifth instalment of our club secretary's blog

I begin with a question……
Q.What do you call an artist who sculpts with bicycle parts?
A. Cycleangelo

For all you ‘conditioning buffs’ out there the mileage distances have been upped, the pace increased (a new record set for coming in to the Memorial Stadium this morning, no doubt helped by the lack of 4 x 4’s taking a child to school) but inevitably at a cost.

I can now feel that I have got legs, and shoulders and a seat, even hours after ….so something is happening. The experts “ what know “say that is good but I am still coming to terms with the discomfort.

All of which leads me nicely into a little known fact, that as I rode majestically into the stadium earlier today I was following a path trodden equally magnificently by non other than Colonel William “ Buffalo Bill” Cody.

For a while the ground was even nicknamed locally as Buffalo Bills Field - the man himself performed his Wild West Show here in 1891….there are those cynics who say things haven’t changed, but we won’t go there!

For the moment I choose to revel in the images of days gone by as I sweep around the car park through the ghosts of Red Indians whooping “ Up the Gas”, Gun-slingers waiting for something to kick off so they can fire off a few rounds and Wild Bill atop of his white steed shouting orders to all the fancy dress and face painted actors amassed for the entertainment of the crowd.

Now you have to admit that all that is a much better set of images than the grey misty overcast damp drizzle surrounding the 3 cars in the car park that await me each day at 7am.

All of which leads me nicely into an update on the ‘Fundraising’. Suffice to say all going well so far, the total at the moment sits in excess of £2000 in the coffers and rising.

The final collection will be held at the Torquay game this weekend so hopefully a generous push and we will be happily donating a substantial amount to Prostate Cancer UK and making the journey to Amsterdam a little more comfortable.

I am delighted to report that through the good offices of our Club Hotel Agent, arrangements have been agreed with De Vere Hotels who are now providing free accommodation up in London for me prior to the challenge starting - many thanks to them for that, it is a real help as otherwise the 5am start from Bristol might have proved difficult.

More locally the cycle store Mud Dock, are currently finalising a support deal which will go a good way to keeping the bike fully functioning and operating as smoothly as possible both before and during the trip. Naturally I am hoping one piece of equipment they can offer will be a softer saddle (see above).

In the meantime I leave you with this thought…..

“Always remember that a bicycle is not a bicycle when it turns into a driveway”…..anyway keep smiling…and giving please


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