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3 April 2014

The fourth instalment of our club secretary's cycling blog


So there I was edging towards this mini roundabout (having just completed over 15 very smooth miles on the journey home) past a queue of stationary traffic on my right when the car two back from the junction decided to nudge into the space to his left that I was heading for.

This impending drama gave me several options during the next few milliseconds:

1. Bunny Hop perfectly up over the 12 inch kerb on to the pavement…( for a finite definition of this term google ‘Advanced Cycle Tricks’ )
2. continue forward and crash into his nearside wing ( google details of the nearest Hospital for the possible consequences )
3 unclick the cleat ( see Blog 3 for definition) and come to a balanced halt still looking really cool. 

Now, having never practised a ‘Bunny Hop’, being equally reluctant to try a Hospital bed and clearly unable to release said foot in such a short space of time, I very slowly and, I may add gracefully, allowed gravity to take its course and assumed the horizontal position face down on the pavement.

This in itself is one thing but of course one is still locked into the bike at this point and not in the best position to extricate oneself whilst still retaining a fading attempt at decorum.

Flailing legs didn’t do a lot other than produce more bruises and increased the laughter from the by now massed crowds. However, in the best ‘Del Boy’ tradition I rose majestically, dusted myself off, re-attached, announced I was leaving the area as it cramped my style and rode off into the distance.

Having learnt my lesson, I have since only repeated the incident on three occasions, once when I missed a traffic light pole I had decided from 100 yards away that I was going to lean on, and twice into a prickly hedge halfway up a vertical climb near Lansdown!!!

I would also like to take this opportunity to deny the vicious rumour that people now gather near road junctions on my chosen routes to wait for the entertainment.

Anyway…on a more serious note…last Sunday saw my longest trip yet, with 38 miles being completed out through the villages of South Gloucestershire to the picturesque Castle Coombe and back along the somewhat manic A420 into Bristol.

I can report for the benefit of others that all these places have excellent cafés with cakes in abundance.

However being out on the road for such a long period did actually raise important issues hitherto un-investigated re: Lifestyle / Re-fuelling / Recovery  and other technical stuff only ever referred to in professional manuals written by Sir Bradley….

So at this point before I acquaint you with how I am going to address these genuine worries I am conscious of a terrific piece that I recently read somewhere that I need to share, I am uncertain of the author but the sentiments are classic and need adherence to :
“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid sideways – Chardonnay in one hand – chocolate in the other- body totally used up, totally worn out and screaming “ WOO-HOO, what a ride !!!!!!!!!"

Lets hope my next one is !!!!!.....

Keep giving…and thanks if you have already .

All in support of Prostate Cancer UK…..

Rod of the Rovers.

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