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11 October 2013

By Nathan Bees

I have an unbelievably good memory when it comes to Rovers and the day-to-day events that occur on any given Saturday during the football season. Frustratingly it’s something I’m often mocked about by friends and family, especially when I pop up with a piece of trivia from a random weekend half a decade ago. 

Unfortunately I can’t hide behind the line: ‘I just remember things about the team I support’, because I can recall all manner of pointless facts and happenings from matchdays over the past 19 years.

I would like to claim it’s a gift but it’s actually quite embarrassing because whenever I remember something I feel the immediate urge to share it, regardless of the time or place.

There is simply no filter. For example, when Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ came on in the car the other day I informed my brother and sister that the first time we had all heard that song was on the way to Wembley for our play-off final in 2007.

I know, I know, how on earth do I remember that and why would I think my siblings would appreciate such information? I couldn’t possibly tell you, it just sort of stumbled out of my mouth as the chorus kicked in! Needless to say neither my brother or my sister seemed too fussed. Their loss!

That offers an insight into the [extremely] random things that I can remember from a Rovers matchday that doesn’t actually involve anything to do with our club.

Allow me to portray myself in a slightly better light (if there is any chance of recovering from the embarrassing revelation above) by explaining just how good my long-term memory is for all-things BRFC-related too.

It’s a running joke amongst my good mates that I have an abnormal ability for it and I am often asked a series of questions that test my memory of results and goalscorers from seasons gone by.

Nine times out of 10 I have no problem in answering and I do so with a smug look on my face but something I uttered at last Thursday’s charity quiz night at the Mem startled me as much as anyone else. 

Let me set the scene: our quiz team consisted of me and two others. Not confident we had the intelligence to win on our own we bid £10 for the company of fans director Brian Seymour-Smith and welcomed him to our table.

At the end of an unsuccessful first two rounds (clearly money well spent!) we began chatting about Brian’s previous work with Sky Sports. He reminisced about an incident at Burnley’s Turf Moor and while he had my attention for a couple of minutes my mind then started to wander.

I could sense the recollection of another silly memory coming on and aware that I would soon blurt it out I tried concentrating on something else... but to no avail.

I couldn’t keep quiet any longer and I explained that I could remember watching Brian commentating on a Rovers game for Sky’s Gillette Soccer Saturday on the final day of the 2008/2009 season.

Rovers, as I am sure some of you can remember, won 4-1 against Jeff Stelling’s Hartlepool United and because his side were in relegation danger that day SSN showed highlights of the commentary that evening. 

Brian didn’t seem to remember at first so I felt the need to expand on my story; “Jo Kuffour, Darryl Duffy, Rickie Lambert and Aaron Lescott scored our goals that day. They were tidy finishes actually.”

Brian’s memory was suitably nudged and we all began to talk about the game and how it gave Lambert the shared title of ‘League One Top Goalscorer’ with Swindon Town’s Simon Cox. Happily this is one occasion where my pointless knowledge had a positive impact as it initiated an unexpected camaraderie amongst the team.

We all got on very well with Brian and he did his reputation with us no harm at all by buying a round of drinks at the half-time interval! As many people have said in the past Brian is a top bloke and is always willing to talk to Gasheads - keep an eye out for him at the next home match with Wycombe Wanderers.

That’s enough of me and my stories, though. The point of this week’s blog is to jog your memory for any quirky recollections of particular Rovers games or matchdays.

Whether it be a vivid memory of the starting XI from a random game or a standout goal from your childhood, I am adamant that we can all remember something that others will have forgotten about. 

Don’t be afraid to share it, we should all embrace our inner Rovers thoughts. If you have any particularly unusual stories or memories let me know on Twitter: @HarddToBeatt.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

(Note: The quiz night was very enjoyable and I was pleased to hear how much money was raised in memory of Uncle Albert. Huge credit to Captain Gas for organising the event and to everyone who attended, including Tom Parkes, Lee Brown and the directors. We were all glad to contribute to such a good cause.)

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