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1 September 2012

Manager on the loss to Morecambe

Mark McGhee took the decision to keep his team behind this evening to watch the DVD of today’s defeat to Morecambe.

It is not something the manager has ever done before, but he feels his side need to look at what went wrong and take responsibility for the mistakes made.

After a solid first half which saw Rovers begin to pile pressure on the visiting side, Rovers capitulated after the break, conceding three goals in ten minutes.

Mark said: “The players are not going home, we are going to stay here and watch the second half, we are going to work out who is complicit and who has done what. They have got to come here again and play on Tuesday and Saturday.

“We are going to watch the DVD together, point the finger, take responsibility and stand up and be counted.

“This is not something I have ever done before, but I think it is required. We cannot go away from here now without really understanding what has gone on.

“I expect them to put their hands up and say it is their fault, but it is out there they need to take responsibility not after the event.

“The first goal was a poor goal to lose and we have to look at that and wonder why it happened. “

And although the manager says he is more than capable of screaming and bawling, this is not the right time.

He said: “I am capable of screaming and shouting, but on this occasion I don’t think it is required, it is science that is required.

“We have to look at it, work out what went on,  look at the players who were involved and question whether they should be in the team or not and throw down the gauntlet to them.”

The manager admits that at half time he did not see this result coming.

He said: “I think like everyone else in the ground I didn’t see that coming at half time. They had a shape that gave them spare men at the back, so we had to be patient, but once we worked that out I think we did show patience.

“The first half I thought we came to terms with them and for the last half hour of the first half we looked the more likely team.

“At half time I was content that if we went out and repeated that eventually we would get a goal. Second half was a total turn around. Once we lost the first goal we just stopped.

“The defending became at times ridiculous, the goals we lost were ridiculous. They became disconnected, people shut down and it was 11 individuals with no real communication and nobody relating to each other anymore.”

And the he is worried that a couple of his players are struggling to cope with the pressure of playing in front of such a large crowd.

He said: “I think it is part of the pressure some of the players seem to feel playing here at home.

“We are a big team in this division, we have a big crowd who expect a lot, and I am beginning to wonder if one or two of them can handle that.

“We have got to overcome that, we have to go away now and really think about it.”

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