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8 November 2012

Manager on Saturday's game

Mark McGhee is hoping his young side will bounce back from Tuesday night’s defeat when Chesterfield visit the Memorial Stadium this weekend.

And the manager admits he received a lesson about not asking players to do jobs they are not suited to.

He said: “They are a young bunch of players, therefore they are resilient, so there is absolutely no reason why we cannot shrug off what happened on Tuesday, go back out there refreshed and find a new rationale as to why we should go out there and believe we can beat Chesterfield.

“That is what I have got to instil in them. I have got to pick a team that gives them the opportunity to do that and send them out in a frame of mind that goes out and gets on with it.

“I was reminded on Tuesday about the business of asking players to do the job they can do, and not asking them to do a job they are not best suited to.

“In particular I have to get away from the idea that when I look at Tom Eaves I see a big, strong target centre forward. I am forgetting that is not what Tom is.

“He is a goalscorer, he is someone who plays around another centre forward, someone who wants to get in the box.

“I have to start using him to his strengths, it was my responsibility that he was not able to do the job I asked him to, it wasn’t because he played badly on the night, it is because he is not that player.

“I have got to make sure I don’t ask him to do things he is not able to do, I have got to be fair to Tom and get him up front with someone else and get him in areas where he can score goals.

“He is desperate to get back out there and show everyone how good he is.”

And although Rovers’ league position is not looking good, the manager has warned against panicking.

“You cannot get desperate, because if you get desperate you make bad decisions. We have to stay calm.

“We want to get wins and get up the league, we want to give the fans something to be positive about.”

The manager has not ruled out using Tuesday night’s system again, but he will not be asking Tom Eaves to play up front on his own.

“On Tuesday night the system was ridiculed to a point, but I thought the system fell down on not keeping the ball.

“Chesterfield are coming here on Saturday, and that is how they play, with a back four, two holding midfielders, a three and a one.

“It is a system that is positive and attacking, but we weren’t able to make it work on the night. 

“Although the system fell down, within the system we had people who could do better, but we still had bits of play that was alright that we should have turned into something better. It wasn’t all bad, although the majority of it was negative. 

“I think you could definitely see that system again in the future, but I wont be asking Tom Eaves to play as the point man.”

There were two players missing training today, but they are both expected to be fit for Saturday.

And the manager says he cannot predict how Chesterfield will play, but he will expect his team to adapt to what the visitors throw at them.

“Matty Lund got a kick in the Achilles and Tom Eaves got a kick behind the knee, so they wont train this morning, but they are both predicted to be fit for Saturday.

“We had reports and intelligence on Southend, but they came and played in a different way than they have been playing, with a different shape, so I cannot expect to know what Chesterfield will do. 

“What we will do is react to whatever they do in the early part of the game, to make sure we give our team a better chance of coping with whatever way they play.

“We will prepare our team to try and take the initiative, as we did the other night by getting the first goal, but hopefully be more determined not to be beaten and not to concede.”

And the manager wants to be able to give something back to the supporters.

“I can understand the supporters’ frustrations, they have seen some highs and decent performances, but even some of those have ended in defeat.

“There has not been that much that has ended up positive, so we have to start to try and turn it around for the supporters sake and our own.”

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